Hi Spock and Co.

I am pretty much inexperienced with trading.  Frankly I am a neophyte.  Oh I have read books – quite a few – Japanese Candle Sticks is about as far as I got with TA.

I have a day time job and discovered there is no way I have time to day trade.   Been looking for something like Spocks for a long time.  Did not find anything I liked until now.

I do my own 401K investing.  About 1/3 of my total net worth is in actual physical right now in an IRA stored in a vault.

Most of my 401K is sitting in cash as the markets are a joke with all the manipulation, central banks, FED, etc…  Been reading about it for a long time.

So pretty much a noob when it comes to trading.   I use Scottrade but I have not done much for a long time because I don’t trust the markets with the High Frequency Trading etc…  People like me get killed.



Can’t Afford it ?


I can’t afford this service However Spock should start a much cheaper report only for those who want to buy and hold, with no nugt dust etc ….. or other speculative instruments.
Only updates on when to buy and sell a single stock.
This would be a nice gift for those who have followed him on this site.

  • Fullgoldcrown says:

    1….The price is guaranteed ….so you will not lose your “investment”

    2….There are many good services out there that recommend Buying certain miners and just holding on through all manner of dull periods manic periods and depressing periods . They may be less expensive BUT are they “more reasonable ?”

    3….I have paid up to $5,000 a year for subscriptions also $19.99 a month and everything in between

    In the end …If the system makes sense for YOU that’s the service you should go with .

    Some feel confident to come here to Goldtent and participate and make their own trades and that is GREAT .

    Others see the merits of the Miner Matrix System :

    No stress

    No Market Addiction watching the tape all day .

    Have a life and make good return on your hard earned savings too
    Proven  winner
    TRADING in the most promising market sector amongst the elite of the elite Miners
    Protection from wild downswings …
    Leveraged for violent upswings
    Constant Vigilance for Company Specific issues , positive or negative
    This really appears to be the best of all worlds when you factor in Spock’s Fundamental Research .

    I hope you join us..It going to be fun .


Spock Miners Matrix Newsflash

An announcement from Spock:

“I have been keeping the Spock Miners Matrix under wraps for the last little while , while I considered an offer by a Private UK based Equity Group to manage the Precious Metals portion of their portfolio using the Miner Matrix Protocol. The Offer was very flattering as they were basically blown away by the research and the system , and wanted it all to them selves I guess!

For a number of reasons I can confirm I have decided not to take up their offer. A major one being I wish to share this with the general public and specifically with the community at Rambus Chartology and Goldtent who watched and supported the development of the Spock Miner Matrix.

Just by way of background, I have been trading for 30 years, so I have learnt the hard way, many things. That is one reason I developed this matrix product, because its clear that many investors and traders prefer to manage their funds themselves. However, there is just so much stuff out there that often they get confused, get it wrong and end up losing money. The best way to trade is in silence. The matrix gives a daily update in a clear and concise manner, showing what to buy, what price to buy it at and when to buy it, and of course the exit, taking profits, hedging, position sizing, etc. All in one easy to understand format. No opinions. No views. No market news. Its all irrelevant distraction. In addition the Matrix is extra day, which is very important as most folks do not have the time available to monitor markets intra day. All they want is the extra day signal, then they put in the order with their broker, then get on with the rest of their busy schedules, or go play golf, or whatever, without having to monitor the trade during the day.

Secondly regarding gold and silver miner bull markets. These are extreme wealth building animals, when you nail it. But you need to know what you are doing from BOTH a technical AND a fundamental perspective. Many can understand the technical aspects of a chart. However, most CANNOT assess the fundamental value in a gold miner. Regards the latter, I have significant experience and knowledge in that regard.  In the last bull market I pulled out 7 figures in profits. In this one, just getting started now, I aim do it again. The big money will be made in the small and mid-tier companies. Sure the big miners will do well. But I am talking making serious money, when a stock goes from 5c to $1.50 in 12 to 24 months; compared to a large cap going from $10 to $30. 30 times vs 3 times uplift.  There is extreme value in many of the good miners, so getting in now, before the herd, into some of these small and mid-tiers is the game plan. The bigger the bear, the bigger the bull.

I have studied the Financials, Projects, Feasibility Studies and Management of hundreds of miners and distilled the best down to a select group of 120 , mostly listed on the Canadian and Australian Markets with most also having US based listings. I have spoken to management for most of this select group. many 1000s of hours of background work has been spent on this due diligence task.

The Spock Miners Matrix will drive and track the trades, holding up to 30 miners at any given time and rotating as the matrix suggests to take advantage of the best of the best at any given time. The Matrix is an extra-day system, using the protocol outlined on the sidebar of the Spock Miner Matrix Website .  Rambus has agreed to Chart some of the Matrix selections and we will post these on weekends, when subscribers have some time to digest the charts, and are not distracted by their Monday to Friday schedule. Monday to Friday they get the matrix updates, which does not require much thought, just action of the trades at any time during the day, when the markets are open.

The system is easy to follow, simple and easy to understand. Hedging and “Texas hedging” will be deployed to protect or enhance positions as necessary.

Membership will be US$399 for six months subscription, one time payment . Rambus Members will receive a $100  rebate in appreciation for their help and support in developing the Matrix at the Chartology Forum.

When I started posting there was almost deafening silence. Then it started getting traction and now some are all over it. That tells me it should be a success for the average trader and investor, who wants to get on board the gold stock bull train but not suffer from the inevitable wild swings we will see. I am not a gold bug by the way. But I know an incipient bull market when I see one (in the charts).

This Piece Explains what I believe is on the horizon . http://www.caseyresearch.com/articles/what-10-baggers-and-100-baggers-look-like. But Note for every 10 to 100 bagger there are dozens of complete duds. Unless you know what you are doing, you may end up with a lot of duds.

So that’s where I am at right now. Let’s move forward and get this project off the ground. I suspect within 3 months the sentiment towards gold miners will have swung 180 degrees from what it was at the lows on 19th January, and folks will be clamoring for the gold miners. I want to be well positioned well beforehand, and already in profit, before the herd arrives at the scene. At least 100% upside from the lows in 6 months is achievable if things play out as I think they will, based on past bottoms in the sector. Fasten seat belts.

Trade Well Unemotionally, and Prosper. Spock.”