Why Join Spock ?

Spock is a professional market trader, and mining analyst, who has been trading the global financial markets across all asset classes for over 30 years. The focus is on the gold and silver mining sector, where extreme value propositions are now being identified, after a five year grinding bear market in the sector. It was the second worst bear market in the sector since 1869, 150 years. The $HUI index was down nearly 85% into the January 2016 lows. The bigger the bear market, and this one was a big one, the bigger the subsequent bull market.

Spock uses an extra-day trading system which generates trading signals, either long, short or flat, after the market close each day. The trading signals are generated from a proprietary matrix of indicators over several time frames, which have been extensively back tested and validated in real trading over the last 12 months, to generate consistent profits.

Only the best of the best gold and silver miners are used for trading, based on fundamental criteria including balance sheet strength, consistent earnings, strong management and good projects. Before considering a company, Spock speaks with management, in order to help validate the company and its upside potential. The original Spock Global Matrix (which screened all market sectors) was posted in real time on another forum and it achieved 38% Profits in 9 Months (or 50% annualized). The Spock Gold and Silver Miners Matrix has achieved about 50% realized and unrealized profits in less than 2 months since inception (January 2016). Users did not need to watch these markets intra-day at all except for the Buy/ Sell  signals daily. This is an unemotional Trading System with clear and concise buy and sell recommendations which has now been adapted to specifically trade in precious metals mining sector.

In short, by following the Spock Miners Matrix you will be invested in only the crème de la crème of PM Miners. Some will be buy and hold. Some will be traded based on constantly changing matrix signals . A Hedging Strategy using HGD or DUST, both gold miner bear ETFs, may be employed periodically to protect the core positions, subject to the matrix trade signals. In addition, Texas hedges may be employed during impulsive moves higher.

The Subscription Price: US$399 for 6 months.

While there are No Guarantees when investing , we expect that the profits should be many multiples of the subscription price, and far more than just holding some sector ETFs such as GDX and GDXJ, which hold some mediocre gold and silver stocks, based on Spock Matrix metrics.

Trade Well and Prosper. Spock.