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  1. Unfortunately I only found 1 symbol in the matrix that I have access to in my Ameritrade 401k. Do you know a way to find if any of these symbols from TSE, ASX CVE have corresponding symbols that trade on our American exchanges? TIA, Ed

    • https://spockm.com/2016/01/27/brokers/

      Interactive brokers online account can be setup online easily and quickly.

      NY exchanges do have OTC pink sheets, but not for all of these gold miners. Pink sheets also suffer from low liquidity and wide spreads. So they are not ideal.

      But the key point is this: 90% of the mid-tier and small cap gold miners are listed in Canada and in Australia. And they are the stocks where the big money will be made. Wall Street has most of the large caps, but I would not want to own many of them.

      So my suggestion is yet setup Interactive brokers online, then you are sweet. they are a good firm and have been around a long time. They are one of the largest global brokers now, with a presence in all major centers. and best of all, there broker fees are the lowest in the industry.

  2. A quick note of thanks for opting to help individual investors vs joining a fund operation, Spock. Your work is helping me build a small fortune late in life, just when I really need it. Wish I had bought more, sooner! But there is plenty more to come, and this time I am getting right and sitting tight.

  3. Spock,
    Was wondering your opinion on Nautilus Minerals. NUS.to/NUSMF? Looks to have bottomed around .11 US. *High in 2011 was around 3.80US.

    Based on their progress, I think it’s a good lottery ticket.

  4. Hey Spock. I enrolled recently and am very unsophisticated in matters of your “Rocks” portfolio. However, I have done well, so far, following your leads. Thank You for that.

    I wondered if you could tell me what the blue highlights in your portfolio indicate.

    Thanks again! I was referred by one of your members. If he has a referral bonus coming, I’d love to see him get it. Let me know if I can tell you his member name.

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