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Virtually all the Spock Miner Matrix signals are now on BUY signals, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is an exceptional situation. I have not seen anything like this for a long, long time in one sector or asset class.

Markets trade mainly on sentiment, perceptions and emotions; the strongest of which are fear and greed. Fear is stronger than greed, as its a survival instinct hardwired into our brains. Fear is what drove the gold miners down to their lows last month, where a huge bear trap was created, after an 85% decline in the $HUI over 5 years. The bear trap was the bottom in the gold miners. Think of it as the final gasp before the bear went into hibernation.

Now fear is driving price in the OPPOSITE direction. Global uncertainty and crises are creating the fear. The precious metals are the recipient. Its now a fear trade. Do not be surprised if there is $100 move up in the gold price in one day, at some point. The gold and silver miners are the leveraged recipients of this fear trade.

Expect at least 100% triple digit move in the PM indexes for this first leg up, driven by fear, and the fact that the miners offer exceptional value, even now after a 60% move up in the PM indexes. Over the coming months, the moves should accelerate, after running corrections. Do not expect a significant pullback. Use pullbacks to add to long positions. Shorts are roadkill going forward, except for the professional day traders, who are experienced and know how to side step a freight train.

We, as extra-day investors and traders, are NOT naked shorting this market. Remember that! Forget DUST even exists.

Therefore, my initial targets in this first leg are around 200 for the $HUI and $1300 for $GOLD. There are Spock wave targets at these two price levels. Many of the small cap miners should at least double off their lows in this first leg. That’s where the Spock Miners are focused. That’s where the profits should be exceptional.

Spock took profits on the HGU.TO last Friday going into the close, in order to have cash available to enter new individual gold miner long positions next week. There are are several miners which have yet to make a major move, so I want to get into these next week, if possible. Will post details during the next morning trading session, after the markets have opened and settled down, if that’s possible! In total there are 11 new long positions I want to establish over the coming week or so. So expect me to be taking partial profits on existing positions, which have run hard, and using the proceeds to rotate into new stocks.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, so one step at a time.

The vision and strategy is to have around 25 to 30 long PM miner positions by the end of this month, with the fucus on the mid and small cap miners. I may decide to use the hedge money by adding to longs (Texas hedge) as the technical picture is exceptional, and want to maximize exposure to it. Some might think this is adding to risk, but actually its not, as the portfolio is up nearly $45,000 in under 3weeks, so there is a big buffer there now.

Greed is good, when the fear is palpable. Spock is feeding off the fear in the markets. The big picture is showing we have an exceptional opportunity here. Most cannot see it.

Trade well and prosper. Spock. 🙂

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Passive aggressive market trader and mining analyst, with 30 plus years experience in the global markets, across all sectors, with a focus on mining and precious metals resource stocks.


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