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Folks, this new platform has been running for a week now, and I would like to give you all an insight into my vision going forward.

First of all, lets be very clear. The bear in the PM sector went into hibernation last month. So now we need to think like a bull. That is, we look for long setups. We look for pullbacks to add to positions. We love pullbacks, as we get to buy value, cheaper.

With that as the basis, going forward, we can move as an elite group within the sector. Fix, focus, move in. Stealthily moving around, identifying and buying the value and the long setups, well before the herd gets a sniff. This bull market will run for years, so its a marathon, not a sprint. As it progresses, we will be well ahead of the herd.

With this focus, I do not believe a forum would add value, as everyone has their own ideas and agenda, and would detract from the overall vision and strategy, by creating doubt. Doubt kills a trader. But feel free to comment on my posts and ask questions as we travel along this journey of wealth creation. I believe that this sector will become the darling of the masses, in the fullness of time. Just like the biotech sector was, before it peaked late last year.

What you see here is what you get. I am a bit like Rob McEwan as I put my own money where my mouth is. All the stocks in the Matrix I purchase, and actually purchase at the prices I recommend to you to buy at, with a limit bid. If you folks lose money, I lose money. So that’s why I am very careful and try to get it just right every time. And I am investing reasonable size into some of these positions, so that it really hurts if they head south.

Therefore, we are all in this together, and will become a force to be reckoned with as the subscribers grow in number over time. Near the end of this journey, down the track, I have little doubt we will all be a lot wealthier.

Trade well and prosper. Spock.

About Spock

Passive aggressive market trader and mining analyst, with 30 plus years experience in the global markets, across all sectors, with a focus on mining and precious metals resource stocks.


The Vision — 15 Comments

    • Doubt kills the trader/investor. You have to go into the position confident and with conviction and make the position stick, with no doubts. Once you start to question your judgement, doubt sets in, and the game is lost.

  1. Thanks Spock, I’ve cleaned house and down to just the latest list. (Not sure if you saw my post a couple back?)

    I misunderstood when we first started we were hold more longer term.
    I think I’ve got it now. (Working in the shop all day, tired and it can take a bit to catch on.)

  2. I do like the picture you paint Spock, both the sum and its parts.

    But one thing, just so I get that completely clear – does this mean that there will be no core positions, not now, not later..?

    • I trade global markets, across all asset classes and all sectors. the precious metals miners is my current focus though, as the value is extremely appealing and the herd is nowhere in sight (yet).

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