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    • Doubt kills the trader/investor. You have to go into the position confident and with conviction and make the position stick, with no doubts. Once you start to question your judgement, doubt sets in, and the game is lost.

  1. Thanks Spock, I’ve cleaned house and down to just the latest list. (Not sure if you saw my post a couple back?)

    I misunderstood when we first started we were hold more longer term.
    I think I’ve got it now. (Working in the shop all day, tired and it can take a bit to catch on.)

  2. I do like the picture you paint Spock, both the sum and its parts.

    But one thing, just so I get that completely clear – does this mean that there will be no core positions, not now, not later..?

    • I trade global markets, across all asset classes and all sectors. the precious metals miners is my current focus though, as the value is extremely appealing and the herd is nowhere in sight (yet).

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