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  1. I have no experience of trading in the illiquid markets common to junior stocks quoted in Canada, Australia etc. but am keen to learn. Am I best using only limit orders for the (say) 50000 shares I want at 0.05? Any advice on buying strategies would be appreciated, or else a link to an external source

  2. Sir Spock,
    I use TD Ameritrade, so will be using the OTC symbols for most all the Rocks.

    OTC trading is usually slow, can test one’s patience, especially if the stock is moving up.

    any other advice here? I’m using the prices you list in middle of the chart to set buy-limit GTC orders on all of them….

    thanks, great site!

    • Interactive Brokers (IB) have better access to other exchanges, in Canada and Australia. Its better if you have direct access to Canada exchanges also, as depth and liquidity in there, not OTC. The big gains will be in the Canadian and Aus listings in the PM sector.

  3. Sir Spock, I have followed you for sometime at goldtadise and am very greatful for your lead and your advice. Tonight I decided to join the spockmatrix and am looking forward to adjust my positions to the spock rocks list. Before selling Exeter Resources or Batero Gold (I bought them in Feb16 and both are up 40%) I would like to know your personal opinion on these two stocks. Thanks in advance ! Richard.

  4. Hi, Spock: Becane a new member just a couple of days ago on another’s advice, and am VERY happy for it! Thanks for the thinking and the advice. If you’ve answered this already, just direct me to it . . . but my question is, as someone just joining, seeing the whole matrix but certainly not able to match it by buying all, or even many of the companies in the grid,but wanting to jump in with a few modest purchases, how do I select which to start my portfolio with? I intend to add new equities as you recommend them — hence, USAPF is my maiden voyage — but how do i go beyond that? The most recent additions? The largest holdings? The largest (or smallest, so far) growth? Any other guideline? Please advice — and thanks again!

    • Look for the blue light specials in the middle column of the matrix. Currently there are about half dozen. The few I would focus on include HUM.L, AVK.T plus the others there. You could increase the position size to say 5% in HUM.L and AVK.T to help you get started.

      HUM.L is one of my favorites and can be bought up to 24 pence or $USD equivalent for the OTCMKT for 5% position size.

  5. One more question for the moment: in the Matrix, is the “Limit Entry Price” column always quoted in British pence/Sterling? The text writeups make it clear — but the after-the-fact chart doesn’t seem to specify.

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