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  1. Spock – great call and many of the stocks in the PM sector are hitting or close to hitting 52-week highs

    that will put the sector on the IBD radar and other MoMo chasing Hedgies

  2. Mr. Spock

    pls humor me here on GDXJ chart…which you called well before the BO

    GDXJ trading $32.75 premkt today

    PO ~ $45 by mid-late May on this impulsive move

    gives +37.4% upside ..nothing to sneeze at

    but if we leave the kiddie rides for a minute….and visit the adult ride section of the park

    use JNUG as the 3x Space Mountain ride

    JNUG upside = 3 x (37.4%) ~ +112% [minus 3x etf decay over the next month]

    I’ve already got a ticket on JNUG, but thinking maybe add some more here

    but as u say, this train doesn’t look like it wants to stop to take on more passengers

    ur thoughts?

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