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Folks, as I have said I am not a guru. The truth of the matter is, I am not actually a human being, as I invest and trade unemotionally. Occasionally I do listen to humans, but I try and avoid such encounters. Humans are emotional creatures and generally trade and invest based on their emotions. This is a major fault in human genetic design. It also explains human “herding” behavior. We Vulcans do not have these defects, fortunately.

Over the years I have taught many humans how to compensate for their defects. For example, I have taught them to observe what the herd is doing, but to NOT participate in this defective behavior.

Also, I have counseled, that if a human is getting excited (greed) or depressed (fear), switch off the screen, and walk away. Leave it for a couple of days, to allow these emotions to dissipate. Then revisit, in an “unemotional” state of mind. Its called mental preparation for the inevitable corrections.

So let’s observe the herd now. What are they doing? Piling into some PM sector stocks, in an emotional feeding frenzy. In the Vulcan society, such greed is viewed as a “disease” of the mind. Do NOT participate in this behavior.

Instead emotionally get prepared for a short sharp correction. Depression (fear) will grip the herd and they will turn around and head in the opposite direction. Do NOT participate in this behavior either. In other words sit tight. If getting depressed and fearful, turn off the screen, and leave it for couple of days, and return to it when “emotionally neutral”.

Despite this potential correction by the herd, the road map on the way to  GDXJ and  XGD  targets, has NOT changed. But get emotionally prepared for what the herd has the potential to do next. And do NOT participate.

Plan the trade. Trade the plan. Sit tight. Prosper.


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Passive aggressive market trader and mining analyst, with 30 plus years experience in the global markets, across all sectors, with a focus on mining and precious metals resource stocks.


Human Defects — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Spock…..excellent report as usual. As you may have understood I’m a bit tense about the correction expected around mid/late May. I’ve seen large profits evaporate over a few days in the past and I wouldn’t like to pass through this same nasty experience again. But your advise is sound, as usual. This report eases my tension; planning the trade and staying away from the computer in these situations is, in my opinion, the best thing to do.
    Once again thank you Spock for all your hard work and support. Much appreciated.

  2. and the last 45 minutes of yesterday’s trading day was a perfect example of the herd being stampeded…
    the algos make the call and they can stampede any sector in a flash

    fear & greed
    2 emotions very hard for us humans to check at the door when you enter this casino

    after reading more of Spock and Plunger’s past reports here on the ANF / MNM merger, I got a much better appreciation for that deal. So I went back last night and read all I could on Ross Beaty and the Lumina Copper history. Beaty gave an interview to a Mining sector journalist exactly one year ago Apr-2015. He said the bottom for the minerals and PMs would be in 2016. Beaty was especially bullish on silver, gold …and some other metals sectors, including copper, which he knows well

    wish I had found planet Vulcan back in February, but I’m sure glad to be here now 🙂

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