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Global Markets Update – 15 May — 8 Comments

  1. Nice market & sector view, this is awesome. thanks for posting and updating.
    On the ‘real estate’ sector: the Spock matrix holds the property REIT etf: IYR
    property REITs & Utes both benefit from FED rate hike ‘pauses’, plus the hunt for yield in a NIRP world. (not to mention the insane propping up of Junk bond sector)
    just a suggestion… to include the Mortgage REITs, which are also in Stage 2

    mortgage REITs are a very misunderstood sector on the street, Jeff Gundlach recently pounded the table on mREIT sector. Some gems hidden in that sector such as EARN, managed by Ellington (Mike Vranos), and NRZ, actually more of a play on MSRs. There’s other good ones. mREITs pay nice dividends.

    ETFs 1x: REM or MORT
    leveraged 2x ETN: MORL

    • Good point. I check it couple of times a week, so any active positions that flip, will post. The algo has been adjusted to give more emphasis on the weekly time frames, so some trades could run for weeks and even months, rather than days. I feel this is a better way to invest, than trying to pick every daily turn in these volatile markets now.

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