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  1. I’d be interested in your thoughts about timing of returns. Whereas GDXJ stocks are public and they are known to the crowd, you say Spock ‘gets in early’ before the crowd. How does this affect the timing of returns?

    • The returns kick in when the public starts to get visibility with public announcements.

      What I look for is potential high impact candidates, based on information which is generally already in the public domain. Then joining the dots. Plus a call to the CEO/MD to get a better feel for the situation going forward.

      After 30 years in the game, gut feel is worth a lot.

      That’s why I bought Chalice yesterday, and Equitas a month ago, and Anfield before that.

      • Appreciate the reply, it’s good to have clarity on your approach. Your calls must also give you a valuable insight into the players’ appetite for deals. What we want to see is insiders rejecting bids that come with a paltry 30% premium to the share price.

  2. This is useful, enlightening commentary. It provides interesting, substantial information, and rather cleanly.

    Contrast it to the smarmy self-promotion one gets elsewhere that makes one want to take a shower, the gross stuff that infests so many investment shows and financial websites. It contains some elements in common with, and superficially resembles the sticky/slimy self-promo ooze. It is something entirely different however.

    My opinion. Sorry, but I could not resist giving it. Thank you again, Spock.

  3. I am up $130K between my amd my wife’s portfolio and I started with some small investments at first just to verify return. And I joined late FEB early MAR. Hard to believe. I just keep my mouth shut.
    I don’t tell any of my friends or family since they don’t know much about risk or investing or trade stops etc… Can’t make recommendations cause if things don’t work out for them I would get blamed.

    • Totally agree. I don’t discuss this with family or friends who I know do not have the necessary experience in investment to handle the volatility that we will eventually see.

      I also don’t recommend/mention this site on any BBs. I’m not sure if Spock would approve of the loss of subscribers in the short term. I feel that in the long term, however, the site would suffer from a large influx of people who think that the only way is up and would fill these comments sections with unreasoned negativity and accusations.

  4. Let me clarify – I don’t tell them about this service. I would not recommend it to anyone that knows nothing about the market or what MACD or elliot wave is, people that don’t understand the PM market or their stocks or their risk or how to read charts etc…
    I figure we have enough people here already anyway. A pitty because a lot of people could be making $ on the rocks.

  5. I recently sold my DRLDF and spent the money on OCANF, BXTMF AND BGMZF. Are you looking to dump DRLDF, or tag it as a blue light special? Inquiring minds want to know.


    P.S. Is this the best place to send questions like this?

  6. Well, ain’t that something. My heart sank when I read that 287K jobs number this morning and I prepared to watch a week’s worth of gains and then some go “poof,” but the metals mounted massive upside reversals and the portfolio is in the green. That’s what bull markets do. Looks you get about one or two days to buy a correction.

  7. Anyone a bit disturbed that we apparently have a +1 correlation across all asset classes? Stocks rally. Bonds rally. PMs rally. This is kind of strange. Not sure what to make of it…besides money. I guess it’s not a problem until it is.

    • I read an article on Zero Hedge where it said David Rosenberg was saying we actually lost 119,000 jobs. His math of course but maybe that’s what the markets were really reading. Your right, not a problem until it is.

      • I don’t really know how you can go from 11K to 287K in one month. There are enough statistical assumptions baked into that report to make a pizza. Verizon workers coming back added a bunch, too. Whole bunch of leisure and hospitality jobs, too–whoopie. It’s summer. No duh.

        • remember, these jobs reports are coming from a Federal government cabinet level agency – ‘Dept of Labor’
          the same Federal Government,
          that demonstrates over and over…just how efficient and accurate it is in doing its job.
          Further disseminated by the news media, and shameless CNBC shills, that prove again and again how ‘unbiased’ and accurate they are in reporting the news.

  8. Can anybody from the UK give some advice on which brokers to use. I am currently been shafted by Haywood securities at over $100 a trade a lot of the time for buying and selling which is wiping out all my profits. So far it is looking like Interactive brokers or TD investing. Anybody using these and which is best from uk point of view. How much are these charging for buying and selling on different exchanges. How easy is it for a novice to learn how to use there trading platforms.
    Any help definitely needed and welcome

    • Darren get set up with Interactive brokers. I did a few months ago to buy the Aussie rocks because my broker wanted $250 per trade. I.B. charged me $6.00 per trade.

    • I recently switched from US TD Ameritrade (where I could buy only OTC) to IB (so that I could trade the Canadian LONDON and Aussie exchanges). Currently do most trading on my iPhone IB app. Trades are grossly expensive. Just sold a position Friday. About 4000 CAD. Commission was 52 CAD. Ridiculous in my view. Anybody else with IB experience?

      • Wow. I’m in the UK and currently use SelfTrade. They charge £12.50 per trade for ALL trades but their coverage of the Canadian exchanges is patchy – TSX is bad but Venture is pathetic. I am in the process of opening a IB account as a understood coverage is excellent and commission was $6.00 per trade. I am shocked that you were charged $52.00 for a $4,000 trade. Is that because you opted for a tiered commission charging structure rather than fixed?

    • What are the details- What price do they exercise at, how much did you pay for them, and what price is Perseus at – Maybe we can help then. How did you get warrants, on the open market, or were you in a placement? Can be a great tool.

      • Actually, I was hoping someone else knew the details. I got an email from Fidelity yesterday saying I had Perseus rights that expire on July 12, and the I would find information on their website. I logged in, but found nothing. I guess I’ll have to call Fidelity to see what I can find out.

      • It turns out that the offer to exercise the rights is only open to stockholders in Australia and New Zealand. So Fidelity’s email alert to me (here in the U.S.) turned out to be much ado about nothing — but it does look like a good deal for Aussie and NZ stockholders….

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