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Everybody’s Looking to get on board a potential 10 bagger

Well….this is what it looks like


If you Bought Richmont at the beginning of 2016 and held till now you are up 200%
If you Bought Richmont at the beginning of 2014 ( in the middle of the Worst mining bear market in history) and held till now you are up 1200%

This is NOT a typo

This is why Spock has been buying penny stocks with the right Fundamentals in the right Locations and the right History

Now What ?
Buy Sell Hold ?



Fast Times at Richmont Mines — 7 Comments

  1. Thought Tahoe Resources are buying out RIC?

    Lesson learnt from May’s drawdown. Sitting tight on my positions this time round even if there are meaningful corrections. Will use same bullion strategy and just buy more on weaknesses.

    • I learned my lesson too in May that selling in a bull can bite you back fast. I’m trying to separate the trader in me from long term investor. Trying not to micro-manage too much. When gold stocks keep going up it’s very tempting to pile in deploying all your cash, and then the next drawdown comes and you start dumping only to see the market reverse back up. It’s enough to spin your head around! Sitting tight with cash on hand is good advice.

  2. Quote from a SA article:

    Rare Signal Flashes For First Time In 14 Years

    “This week an extremely rare signal flashed for the gold market, which recorded its last signal over a decade ago. The signal is the gold spot price rallying 30% from its lows and shows up as we exit bear markets and move into new bull markets in the metal. The signal has only occurred 5 times in the past 40 years and shows positive returns over a short and long term basis. The average 1 month return after this signal occurs is 5.56%, and it is positive 100% of the time using the past 5 signals. Moving out further and looking at a 6 month basis, the returns are once again impressive with a 8.15% average return, with 80% accuracy”

    $1450 Gold here we come!

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