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Big Picture : CDNX : Gold Ratio — 11 Comments

  1. Mindblowing isn’t it? Just to revert to the mean will require at least a 7 fold increase from current prices assuming no changes in gold price….not to mention the overshoot which may potentially take us to 8-10 fold?

  2. 5 yr solid known values at $4.25 (when gold was much lower) – an incredible chart. The one reservation I have about a revert-to-the-mean thesis is that I believe etf’s like GLD/SLV have taken a lot of the $ that would otherwise (pre-etf boom) have gone to the miners as the go-to ‘gold’ play. If energy costs remain low, miners have a better chance of realizing their former glory as THE gold play. We shall see.

  3. newbie here…just signed up today, heard about spock on goldtent TA paradise:)….can anyone help me understand what im suppose to do with this matrix before me.. Do i buy today? what are these price entry in the middle colum , do i wait till it gets there and then i buy? How do i get started?

    any help or answer would be much appreciated by spock or FGC or anyone else:) Thank you

    • Here’s my $.02 on getting started.

      First read ALL the risk disclaimers and notes on the right column links under SITE INFO and then SPOCK MATRIX. READ everything including other member comments on recent posts to educate yourself. Most all questions are answered within the links provided on the right, it just needs to be digested. If you have questions after that, I’d suggest being as specific as possible (does not require an essay to answer). Welcome and GL.

    • Welcome to the zone! Refer YYZ comments. Keeping it very simple:

      1. Use price LIMIT orders
      2. Entry price as recommended in middle column.
      3. Blue highlighted prices are “specials” that is at a good point to buy
      4. Position size in green, left hand column
      5. take your time and use corrections to enter

      Once positions are established, action is as follows: SIT and do NOTHING. Leave them alone. Day trading is forbidden on the Enterprise!

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