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Now that you are a member

Here is how I would suggest you proceed
Have a look at the latest post of the updated Miner Matrix

Check the Sidebar category “Miner Matrix Updates” for the most recent Matrix

to enlarge for visibility use
These are all the present “Rocks” listed in order of % size
The Matrix is user friendly
On the left side are the Ticker Codes…International Markets (Canadian and Aussie) OR US Equivalents (Pink Sheets)
On the right side you see Spock’s  positions and % gains
In the middle there is a an area “REC ENTRY PRICE” which is updated regularly
You will buy the stocks at or near  the price on the left column “$CAD/ $AUD” if you can purchase international stocks OR Buy the American Listed Equivalents  (Pink Sheets) at or near the prices in the $USD column if you need to .

Stock price recos in blue are “Blue Light Specials” ! ( ie these are closest to the buy zone)
Grab as many as you feel comfortable with .
Scroll Down the sidebar and you will see many of the Miners listed under “Spock’s Rocks” .

Click and see the information on each individual Stock…some have several posts on them

This gives you the rationale for each pick.
Take your time. Spock always says this is a Marathon, not a Sprint .
as always …we are here at gmag@live.ca for Qusetions
Trade Well and Prosper
Fullgoldcrown ( For Spock Miner Matrix)
Global Matrix
You will notice from time to time the new Global Matrix being Posted. This is for information purposes so far but keep an eye on it if you want to know what Global Sectors are on a Buy Signal and what is on a Sell.
Check the Sidebar category ” Global matrix Update” for the Rational and lastest Update


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