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Happy Anniversary Spock — 15 Comments

  1. Three key criteria:

    1. Rock selection
    2. Entry
    3. Learning to Sit

    3. is the hardest to do.

    In a bull market, it will always rescue your positions. But the funny thing is, the herd generally do NOT make a dime in a bull market. Why? Because they cannot SIT.

  2. I am very glad I subscribed early. Not being a slave to my computer to see every e mail from you at the moment it is sent means I can not get the same results that you do Spock. This is not a criticism of your service it is just a fact of my not being on call every moment of the trading day. Witness your Balmoral recommendation that I logged into receive a few hours after your post is now up 24%!! We’ll see if it pulls back. No worries though as I am nearly fully invested.

  3. Thank you Spock for all you do for us and all the opportunities you have given us during this past year. Despite the gut wrenching correction in the PM sector during the 2nd part of 2016 the “sit and hold” approach you insisted on all along was well worth it. Congratulations.

  4. Congrats to Spock!!!!

    I am very happy and was looking for this type of service for long time.
    Best of out there who claims to know and are touted as experts in the industry.

    Wish I had this service back than. But it is not too late in life Spock came along.

    I joined little late but will make it up.


  5. Spock I have to admit that you are the best service out there in the best one I’ve ever encountered in my life. It’s amazing how my account was down by almost 50% but is back to the old highs today. I Plan to ride as long as you’re offering the service so I hope you’re in this for a long time. Thanks for all you do.

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