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  1. Hi Spock, Thanks for these. I was wondering if you might be able to arrange to post some of Bikoo or Graddhy’s charts for individual rocks, as I appreciate you away for a while. I am very interested in individual set ups as I was shaken out of most of my positions in the fall and I am trying to reestablish the entire matrix. Funds are finite and I’d love to know where they might be best allocated at this time. Your guidance has been crucial these past few months and I really appreciate your work. Graddhy and Bikoo have been doing some amazing work and I would love to see more of their work, and obviously they don’t want to post their rock charts publicly. Many thanks!!!!

    • Agree. Their work is great, and we communicate often privately, as we generally are on the same page. But this is not a public site, and postings are restricted for that reason.

      If you want to rebuild your core portfolio, from scratch, there is a lot of work to do!

  2. Thanks for the reply, Spock, hope you are doing well. Half of my portfolio was rebuilt in December, and I have been adding since, just looking for companies that might present a good set up at the moment. What I was suggesting is what you did last year, being post a bunch of Graddhy’s charts yourself, as you did once last year if I recall correctly.

  3. Looking at the VIX, the energy building chart pattern of a rounded bottom as seen before previous spikes is still very much in tact. On the horizon we wait til the outcomes of the debt ceiling issue, French election, and on March 21st Iran stops using the dollar and war drums, threats, and accusations are being tossed around all over the globe. If complacency were on a chart it would be parabolic. Glad I’m in gold.

  4. Someone else could perhaps note how Spock set buy points around a year ago for Dave and others in Dave’s position. For example, I believe Spock routinely used a certain ema to suggest buy points around a year ago and mentioned another one if one were a little more eager to buy. The settings on stockcharts or bigcharts would be trivial.

    I do not want to misquote Spock though I think I know perfectly well what he recommended. I personally often use my own idiosyncratic methodologies rather than Spock’s.

    • I’m always happy to share my trades, although on reflection these last few days, I think it is not the sort of strategy that would sit well with most here, and I am a big believer in you have to be comfortable with whatever you are doing or it just won’t help, in fact it will probably hinder.

  5. To an inexperienced layman such as myself (who knows just enough to be dangerous), how does one look at the $CNDX chart and NOT see a double top ??? What should we looking at to be saying, “No, not a DT this is a C & H” ???

    • That was almost the exact same question I had when I looked at that chart, given that there are six months between each top. I guess we cannot know for sure whether it is a DT or a C&H until after the event! However, I guess what Spock is saying is that there are enough clues in there (which he helpfully circled) about significant lows/ turning points/ cycles etc. so as to say the probabilities favour a C&H.

      • Right, I believe. (However I don’t rely on standard TA or even pay much attention to it and am therefore way worse than dangerous, so check anything from me against standard texts.)

        According to my memory formations such as double top don’t count until they are completed. Completion here would require going below the low between the peaks. Since there are fakeouts, some people might require going below-below-below. People may have their own rules for backtests up above the old low and then back down again.

        If my memory of how the formation is classically defined is correct, this is an example of a major limitation of many patterns of classical TA. Once you have identified and confirmed the pattern much of the profit has often (not always!!!) been made by someone else. If you jump in before the pattern is confirmed, however, you lose the relative rigor of the pattern, and are more likely to be fooled.

        So when you look at a pattern you keep your eye on several other things at once, depending on what you believe it: cycles, other patterns, fish entrails, fundamentals, sentiment indicators, intuition…

        Someone who knows classical TA correct me as needed, please. Just thinking out loud.

        • So here, I have my own reasons for concurring w/ Spock. I need to study his cycles and use of TA more, but have to respect them. I cannot be intimidated or even particularly impressed by a pattern that has not been completed but I do appreciate having it pointed out to me. I would have not noticed but I should have seen it so that I can monitor.

  6. It would seem they want GDXJ for cheaper with gold in the green. Spock rocks holding up OK so far. That move 2 days ago was extraordinary so this pullback can be justified. But lose the trend line lower high we made a few days ago then we got problems.

  7. Despite the big move on Wednesday, the miner indices have failed to clear the 30-week, 50-day, and 200-day moving averages. Smelling like nothing more than a short-covering rally at the moment. I hope this is just consolidation before a follow-through day in the next week or so.

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