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  1. I’m comfortable with this strategy.

    Beats trying to do currencies.

    Nothing can hedge perfectly against nuclear war, brokerages going under, this or that authority refusing to accept or acknowledge certificates or DRS papers, confiscations (whether overt or as windfall taxes). No analysis or set of predictions can be expected to have 100% perfect predictive value. The overall Spock sort of strategy seems the most convenient and sensible though when applied sensibly (negligible or no margin, no money needed for upcoming taxes or big bills or food etc).

    To me, just a glance at various charts in various time frames, very much including the US$ is telling. What planet — or universe — are the others inhabiting is right. (Shh. Don’t tell.)

  2. Mr Spock from the herd: ” The 50 week moving average on the price of gold and its ratio with bonds suggests that the big move lower in gold is at hand. The long term analogy to 2002 and 2003 in the USD index remains in place and it fully supports the above Outlook and the same goes for the bearish long term signs form the silver market. ” They give 900 for gold and 10 for silver.

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