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Complex Markets and the Primordial Brain — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Spock! This kind of awareness goes a long way with transitioning away from the heard mentality. I am becoming a different individual not only in my investing but also in other areas of my life since following your teachings. Thank you for making such a significant difference in my life!

    • Thanks. Good to see I am helping others with investing and life decisions, which are aligned to how markets behave also. Personally, I try to do one good thing well every day. Just a micro activity, but do it well, really well, to the best of ones ability, along the path to a higher level objective.

      the higher level objective: A lower resolution picture of what you would wish your life to look like in say 5 years time from now. Ask the question: “What would that look like, what things are in it do I want”? having envisioned that higher level objective, the daily micro activities then generally fall into place, pretty much automatically, to achieve that objective. And one has to accept the responsibility for achieving the higher level objective.

      The way to keep on the path, is to regularly ask your self the question “What am I doing this for, or why am I doing this task, or why am I saying this or thinking that”? Does it align with who I want to be, and where I am going? That way you keep yourself honest and true to your higher level goal.

      But here is the thing. As time progresses, keep updating the higher level goal to give it higher resolution. make it high enough that its going to be difficult, a challenge, but also achievable.

      Another trick to motivate along the journey, is to ask yourself “What would chaos in my life look like”? Then you have two visions, one chaotic, descending into an abyss….and the other a higher level objective, of what your ideal life would look like.

      The mind then works, to move you from A to B, with the abyss in the rear view mirror. It works, and its very powerful, as every cell in the body works towards achieving your own personal higher level objective.

      I use the same approach to the markets, as I do to living a good and fulfilling life, using the above process of thought. The primordial brain needs to be controlled though, especially in the markets.

      This is a simplified basis of making a life for oneself, that is a life worth living.

  2. Spock, the significance of your reply is exactly what I was referring to. You go above and beyond and its flat out impressive! The timing of this much needed message couldn’t be more perfect for the life changing journey I’m on. Best mentor I’ve ever had!

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