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      • Counterintuitive price moves (esp downs after release of seemingly decent or great news) seem to me to have become more common over the past 5-7 yr. I had thought it was perhaps just trying to squash the prices for these types of stocks in general, or sometimes of a particular stock so that someone could buy more. Or right now it may be thinness of trading esp at the end of the year at a time when people want to prune.

        The dreaded Otto at IKN* today offers another scenario that I find interesting but cannot know to be true or untrue: “In order to stay in control, you want to whip the stock price around as much as possible and deter those who think they’re smart. So when bad news comes out, you whack on the asks and run the stock up 10%. On (what passes for) good news, dump into the bids get it to dive 20%. Nobody in their right minds will step in and daytrade something with no set direction and with price action that defies newsflow. After a couple of rounds of burnt fingers the rest of the world stays away…”
        I hadn’t thought of it that way.

        Or sometimes some newsletter writer or analyst has decreed that the news was not good.

        Or maybe it’s just the simplest explanation, that these are just not exceptionally good news reports in the setting of a market where such stocks are not loved.

        In any case, it is, as Spock repeats, a marathon not sprint and a bit silly when we (as we all probably tend to do) focus on the reactions to news reports.

        • Personally, I found the Secova results disappointing; but there are still drill results pending from other areas. Plus, the share price remsined at the 0.25-0.30 level, so I guess the results did not make it worse

          I just wish Secova would shift focus and money to the other property = Eagle River. This is the main reason I have invested my money in Secova.

          Also, an update on the company re-structure/organization, and any change in exploration plans, needs to be communicated as soon as possible.

          I’m losing patience. I will invest in other companies if SEK’s communication, direction, and exploration focus does not change OR is not clear.

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