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9 years left in this K wave — 9 Comments

  1. Finally experiencing a bit of a lift on my rocks…boy, talk about trying one’s patience. Meanwhile, coulda booked a fortune in FCX… Still trusting you are correct in your prognosis, Spock. May the force be with you…

    • bigger names always go up first then the smaller chicken feed at the end catches some action. Until there is some huge money event, why would the general public buy some rocks that give no satisfaction. Money is flowing around out there from sector to sector so shouldn’t take much of it to generate interest in the rocks, just hard to sit and watch the other kids get all the candy today.

  2. Spock,
    Can you review the existing portfolio and assess “what to add” based on valuation, etc.? I’ve been adding for awhile based on my own research but would like to “compare” notes with you and buy more based on your recommendation. Thanks and I hope you have a great holiday!

  3. Thanks Spock for aanother long term big picture chart and analysis.
    But again I ask that you please give us an update on the rocks in the portfolio and an update of the matrix in general.. You have been derelict regarding this

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