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Longer Cycles for Gold and the USD — 9 Comments

  1. From your mouth to God’s ear. I’m buried in Spock’s rocks at the moment. Going through a divorce and will be forced to decide the future value before it is experienced. Is gold the new coal or still par with crypto? I still have a few months to decide.

    • Sorry to hear ggavin. I went through one about 3 years ago and while painful it was a great decision for both me and my ex. We kept everything business like and have never aired any of our dirty laundry in front of our kids. The families have also made it so we are both welcome when around the others’.

      And now 3 years later, the both of us have found super people and our kids are thriving. I guess what I am trying to say is no matter where things end up, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

      I am not Spock but my plan when I first signed up (was already following Rambus) was to hold most of these rocks for the longer term (4-5 years). There is value here and the HUI:Gold/HUI:SPX ratios say so.

  2. Signs from many different aspects point for a strong year ahead in gold. I’m holding my rocks and I like the many signs that I am seeing. Rambus, Plunger, Surf, Spock and many, many others are now all seeing the same clues. I think when money starts flowing strongly back into this sector, (as it surely will if gold takes a strong rise) the rocks will come back to life. Many of them have good teams and strong resources. We just need gold to take off to the upside again. Perhaps the baton in this long marathon is about to be passed on to us to carry. Happy New Year all!!

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