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  1. I totally agree with you Spock. 20 year olds have absolutely no interest in “old school ” mining companies as we know it. They are all in into cryptos. I can see and feel it even locally. And that will be the way forward.

  2. Often hear the quote from Roman philosopher Seneca “Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity”. This is so true for Canamex and get the vibe this journey is fast approaching the intersection where these two key elements meet.

    I’d almost say though why stop at just staking out the crypto funding ground in just precious metals for Canamex. If this bridge that is being built connects the millennial to the junior mining PM industry similar bridges can be built for other resources too given there are overlays and diversified mining. SEK has Cobalt and ALTA has Copper plays too as examples. Just a thought.

    Personally find the whole thing quite fascinating really. It is almost bordering on business Case Study material in the making on topics along the line of first mover advantage or industry disruption. Anyway patiently sitting eating popcorn and watching this Canamex story unfold.

  3. Spock, I totally agree !! You are on the right path ! I am a 8 year gold bug and a 14 months crypto investor !! I strongly believe the two assets are complementary !! Gold and silver are THE stores of value; but you need the blockchain to send them cross border and to raise money without a third party and outside the rotten banking system !! I am happy and proud to be aboard on the spock crypto miners space rocket ship !! As crypto people say: « To da moon !! »

    • I disagree here, bitcoin is decentralized money but, if you want to send gold or silver tokens you should trust an entity or institution or someone, so it´s centralized again. So it misses the point.

  4. Spock, I was wondering if your presentation was recorded and if so, can a link to it be posted? I have to commend you on your insight on how to reach the millennial crowd via tokens. Great forward thinking , especially on killing short selling. Can’t wait to see the short sellers on NXS get killed!! Good on ya mate!

  5. Millennials not present don’t see it’s a big deal. As Boomers are biggest capital pool in the world at the moment.
    It will be a problem going forward though when boomer start transferring wealth to millennials. But asset backed crypto might be just right solution. And the route crypto space is taking from what I see.

  6. At least about a decade ago Sinclair on his website joked that his readers were so old that if you opened a window in winter about half of them would die of pneumonia. About a decade before that I remember seeing a preponderance of geezers at gold conferences–it was like that even in the 1st gold conf I attended around 1987.

    I happen to come from an extended family where people of many different political and economic viewpoints because of shared family culture were immersed in family lore about investing in gold (winning, losing, confiscation). Younger people were interested and 1 or 2 relatively young ones still may be. But I think we were exceptions. I suspect that the collapse of prices in 1980 caused a generalized disinterest except for here and there.

    The Winston Smiths at work with the memory holes in the financial press etc have also had their effects.

    A pronounced and prolonged rise in prices of PMs and related shares should provoke interest in coming years.

    It is interesting, though, that PDAC attendance is as high as it is, even if it’s pro’s and geezers and the occasional blockchain person. I haven’t attended since the 1990s. I think it was a much cosier thing then, much smaller.

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